Re-organizing the Random Library for V

One of my biggest contributions to an Open Source Project

2020 Summarised

The year of the pandemic had it's ups and downs; I decide to document as much as I can recall.
A recollection of this year’s events from my perspective.

Why I Deployed A Github Clone

I discuss why I set up Gitea - an Open Source Git service like Github and GitLab. Briefly I describe how to do it as well.
Setting up Gitea: an open-source Github/GitLab alternative, and why

Why Won’t My Images Load?!

Deploying your website can be frustrating: everything works fine on the localhost. But you have no idea why things break in production. I describe the situation I was in and how some brute-force helped me fix my problem.
Struggling with Cache Purging and My Journey as a Web Developer

Set Up Your 2FA Device And Never Lose It

In this blogpost, I share my thoughts on 2FA and why I recommend it. I discuss the shortcomings of the traditional username-password combination. I argue that smartphones provide a better way through 2 factor authentication. Towards the end, I also share what to do in order to ensure that you don't get locked out my loosing access to your 2FA device.
And always download Backup or Recovery codes

Goal Setting

This blogpost describes a simple way to tackle problems. The main idea is to break down larger chunks into smaller, manageable ones. Additionally, adopting a time constraint might help out in several cases.
Getting things done!