Additional details about me

Hello there! Welcome to my little corner on the internet. This is where I post my writings on research, software, and design.

Who am I?

I am Subhomoy Haldar, an MSc Computing Science student at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I have an Integrated MSc in Mathematics and Computing from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Jharkhand, India. I am a researcher (in mathematics and related disciplines), a developer (experienced with several languages and frameworks), and a designer (UI+UX, Web, Mobile, and traditional print media).

Photo of Subhomoy Haldar
That's me! Front and center. - Photo by Photographic Society, BIT Mesra (thanks PSoc!) on Facebook

My Username - hungrybluedev

I wanted a username that is both memorable and reflects my personality well.

I am a foodie. I am also curious by nature. Therefore “hungry” symbolises my yearning for both physical and mental nourishment.

I associate myself with the colour blue because I like the colour, and its various shades and interpretations. I don’t have any favourite colours, only preferred aesthetics–and blue occurs frequently in those compositions. However, I needed to put it simply; “blue” because I like it. You’ll find that I included it in the logo and my avatar.

Dev (short for developer) is my preferred term over programmer. I prefer it and it is also short.

My Work

I am an amateur mathematician. You can find more details about by research work here.

I am a core developer for the V programming language. I have worked on the rand module and helped improve the V Language Server. Some of my other dev projects are available here.

One of my other interests is in design. I have extensive experience in designing posters, brochures, logos, and other creative projects. I have since then repurposed this experience for UI and UX design. A few samples of my work are available here.

Experience with Languages

I am a polyglot and I know several languages. Here are a list of them.

Natural Languages

I am a Bengali and I know Hindi. I am well versed in English, and I know just a little bit of German.

Programming Languages

I’m fairly proficient in these programming languages:

  1. V - A relatively simple, easy to learn but powerful language that is similar to GoLang. I am a part-time developer for this language. Learn more about it here.
  2. Java - the first proper language that I learned well. I’ve been faithful to it for more than 8 years, since middle school. Since then I’ve moved on since things weren’t working out between us.
  3. C - had to pick it up out of necessity, although I knew the syntax since I was a pre-teen (I’m sure many people do). I’ve only recently become well-acquainted with the ideology of C, which is far more important than the syntax if you want to use this language effectively. This is now one of my favourite languages.
  4. Python easy pickings. Everyone knows Python, so do I. Would I use it as my daily drive though? Depends on the work I am assigned to do. I am competent at Django, Flask, and FastAPI so at least I can make MVPs quickly!
  5. GoLang - It took me some time to appreciate this language. It’s like a compromise between Python and C. I enjoy programming in GoLang.
  6. JavaScript and TypeScript - I prefer TS over JS. I only have experience with plain JS/TS projects though; I don’t like to use frameworks.

Markup Languages

  1. HTML+CSS(SCSS) - I have several hundred hours of experience with this.
  2. XML - I can work with XML data fairly easily.
  3. JSON - One of the most useful conventions introduced by JavaScript.
  4. Markdown - I use Markdown extensively to document my projects, both internal and external.
  5. $\LaTeX$ - A language that I argue every person in academia should familiarise themselves with.

Contact Information

I can be contacted through the various methods listed here.